Purchasing Club

WiNACC is creating a purchasing club to ensure children are outfitted for the outdoors

Learning Experiences

WiNACC provides learning experiences for educators and parents that nurture young children's connection to nature 


Our team of collaborators is made up of a community of inspired and intentional adults who nurture young children

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Our Goals
  • To coordinate and sponsor nature-contact experiences aimed at increasing adult familiarity and comfort.

  • To provide training and support in developmentally appropriate nature education, through mentoring relationships, continuing education opportunities and credit bearing courses.

  • To encourage, support, and facilitate collaboration to preserve, plan, and create outdoor nature spaces in early childhood programs, schools, and other locations.

  • To establish and maintain a supportive network of Wisconsin early childhood educators enabling them to enrich and expand their individual programs through ongoing sharing of experiences and resources, and through various group experiences.

P.O. Box 253 | Genesee Depot, WI 53127-0253