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Our History

WiNACC was initiated in 2009, following the October 2008 Working Forum on Nature Education of the World Forum Foundation at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska. In 2010, the Nature Action Collaborative for  children provided another gathering with a challenge to form regional teams all around the world.

Early childhood educators in Wisconsin, as the Wisconsin Nature Action Collaborative for Children, accepted the challenge and began organizing and offering learning experiences. WiNACC offered highly popular “unconference” experiences at and with the UW-Whitewater Early Childhood Annual Conferences, has cooperated with others and brought Claire Warden from Scotland to guide Wisconsin early childhood educators over multiple days, has collaborated with Wisconsin DPI to provide full-day sessions
focused on young children learning with nature, and members have presented workshops at various conferences.

WiNACC work has been carried out by volunteers. With a valuable and enabling donation in 2016, we are moving forward with important organizational development, strategic planning and new services.

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